China City Directory — China made sense, entry by entry.

This website, along with Unhyped China, its companion site, aims to give visitors a handy, useful guide at what's where in most Chinese cities. The current site is under development and will be made available progressively. Coverage will first begin for Beijing, the Chinese capital, then expand to other cities.

The goal of the China City Directory is to be a one-stop site for everyone who is coming to China, either on a quick visit or to settle. This site, “as it says on the lid”, will be built mainly as a directory, but instead of dumping “string data”, content will be shown in an easy-to-use, user-friendly manner. It will also be integrated with Unhyped China, its partner site, in case readers and users need further information about how things work in China.

Some content will be presented on, or offered by, networked sites:
Media-related info will be from
Train / city metro info will be from Tracking China (relaunching in 2015)